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Community Announcements

A place for updates and information from the Sonatype Community team. New to the Community? Start here.

Nexus IQ Server

Welcome, all Nexus IQ Server (NXIQ) users.

Nexus Repository Manager

Ask questions and follow discussions about Nexus Repository Manager.


The DepShield Community Category is a place to discuss all aspects of Sonatype DepShield and provide feedback to the team about the DepShield experience. To learn more about DepShield, navigate to the DepShield Website.

Elevate - Sonatype User Conference

A place to discuss Elevate, a Sonatype user event that is a free, live, and online conference available to DevSecOps practitioners and managers interested in understanding how repository managers and automated governance function as part of a DevOps pipeline. Learn more about Elevate.

Sonatype Exchange

A place where Community-developed plugins, examples, and documentation can be shared for the whole world to use and enjoy! Learn more.

Sonatype Learn

A place to discuss Sonatype Learn courses and Learning Paths. Explore our free online course catalog or embark on a Learning Path at

What Are You Working On

Share what you’re building with the Community and get inspired by others.