404 when try to download assets

Nexus - 3.13, dockerized, data folder as bind mount, host folder mounted as glusterfs endpoint, only hosted repos. I have to change host folder (from one glusters endpoint to another).

During testing with raw repo i found that after restart repo not working properly. I can add new assets, but can’t use old one (i see them in nexus, but can’t download), even after deleting repo and blob totally with restarting nexus. But if i will add this repo to group, old assets will be accessible via group url. What can i do to restore access via direct repo url, not group? Thanks!

How are you seeing this error? Accessing through the UI? Or some other method?

Hi! Via http to “/service/rest/repository/browse/raw/”, via http to “/repository/raw”, via yum command too (in case of yum repo). At the end i refactored nginx proxy config (i found logic error in config), and nexus was restored. I don’t understand how it was working before, and even more… with the same config i already updated nexus to 3.09, and everything was fine, and at the same time new assets was working too. So my fault.

Sorry for the delay in reply. The rest endpoints changed recently from /beta to not include it (should be in release notes). So perhaps that’s why.
Glad you figured it out.