5 features in 15 minutes - Nexus User Conference

At the 2018 Nexus User Conference I presented 5 features in 15 minutes: what you don’t know about Lifecycle.

Multiple LDAP servers

  • can be used to create different configurations for the same server, each configuration is unique
  • order them by auth precedence, preferably ranking the better performing configurations first
  • documentation: LDAP Integration
  • 1.25 - Jan 2017

Success Metrics

  • visualize impact and adoption at a high level
  • reports are defined on a per-user basis - report created by one user will not be visible to others
  • report on an organization, an application, or any combination
  • choose to make the report live or for monthly aggregations - monthly aggregations are good for quarterly reviews
  • documentation: Success Metrics
  • 1.37 - Sep 2017


Vulnerability Info

Condensed data format

  • our internal validation has shown a reduction of 50% to 75% of the database size
  • seen similar reduction with customers large databases, previously 60 GB and greater
  • upgrade duration could be significant since data is being migrating to the new format
  • help page describes the upgrade process and precautions: Upgrading the IQ Server to Version 1.45
  • 1.46 - Apr 2018

What are your favorite features?