Advanced Search - Early Access

Release 88 introduced an Early Access version of Advanced Search capability within Nexus IQ Server.
The Early Access feature is an opt-in feature which can only be enabled from within the UI. If you decide to try this feature and encounter any degradation in performance then it is advised to disable this feature and provide feedback.

Please provide any feedback on this feature by commenting on this post.

As this feature is early access, there are a number of caveats:

  • The resulting dataset does not adhere to any configured permissions (all results are displayed)
  • To see new data in the results a re-index is required. This can either be automated using the provided REST API or manually from the UI
  • Keyword fields may subsequently change on different releases

Download from here to try it out.


@mdodgson It would be pretty cool to have a “saved” search capability i.e most used component, all level 10 components etc.

Also a top N previous searches drop down perhaps.

This is a really powerful feature and I really like the early access approach so other engineers can get a view and feed into its evolution.

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@mdodgson I changed the vulnerabilityStatus from Open to Confirmed on a vulnerability in a report and ran a search as below
applicationName:solid AND vulnerabilityStatus:Confirmed no results were returned until I ran a “reindex”. Is this by design?

It is currently by design