Analysis did not start for PR

I recently found that for one of the pull-request on GitHub, the lift did not do the analysis.
Actually we received two pull-requests in that time.

  • For the first PR (#889) with target branch master, analysis was completed (Sonatype Lift -- Console),
  • but for the second one (#890) to different target branch, there is no analysis

Any suggestion what might be wrong here?


It looks like same thing happened also for other PR (#883) where only the comments were changed.

Thanks for the report. Our team is investigating actively and presumably will let you know if we have questions and/or an explaination.

I have had the same problem recently, where the Lift analysis does not run on PRs. And today it has not run at all on any PRs I submitted. The repo is GitHub - sleberknight/kiwi-beta: Experimental code for kiwi, or just to try something out... and the Lift page is Sonatype Lift -- Console

I believe the release we just today should stabilize the known issue. If you see more after today, we’d appreciate a note.