ANALYSIS FAILED: Lift's advanced analyzers failed to run

Error: Lift’s advanced analyzers failed to run. This is usually because Lift needs more detail about how to build your code. See the Troubleshooting and Configuring Lift sections of the documentation for tips on how to fix this issue.

I Installed this last friday to run over the weekend for a POC.
This has ran fine on other repos, but failing on main repo with build logs showing:

Analyst terminated due to max time reached of 10800s

Analyst terminated due to max time reached of 10800s

Lift experienced an internal error. If the problem persists contact us at

I’m assuming this is due to the size of the repo? The repo is 2.7 GB. What are the size restrictions for Sonatype Lift.
I couldn’t find any documentation pertaining to this issue to help troubleshoot further.
Any information will help.

Thanks for reaching out. We’ve been tracking this issue analyzing your repository and have an internal ticket. The repository is on the large side but that isn’t directly the preventing factor. One of the integrated tools is taking too long analyzing your repository (which might or might not be due to the size of your repository). We will be looking at improving the tool or limiting the time it is allowed to take in order to prevent its issues from interfering with the operation.


Thank you for the quick response! For now is there a way for it to stop analyzing that specific repo until issue is resolved?

In case the fix drags on I have extended your trial through to the end of the month. This is a backend change independent of anything GitHub marketplace claims - if the app is installed then it will continue to perform.

We hope to have the fix in production Monday and will reach out to you when that occurs.

Until then you can improve the behavior, all except turning the analysis off, by committing a .lift/config.toml file to the branches of interest (main and feature) which ignores some or all of the analysis tools. For example:

disableTools = [ "pyre" ]

Or more drastically set an allow list of tools which is empty:

tools = [ ]

If you do not want to commit a file then you could go to and install the app only on select repositories, but that can be tedious if the number of repositories is considerable.



Hi Thomas,

Any update on the fix? Another thing I noticed in I received an alert from GitHub today that my trial will expire December, 17th. Can you confirm the extension is through the end of the month?


The fix went out today just a few hours ago. I’ve yet to inspect your specific instance but the issue should be addressed. The big question is if the analysis completes or if it hits our arbitrarily imposed timeout to stop run-away computation.

As for the trial, the github marketplace trial expiring won’t impact the change we’ve made causing Lift to respond to your repositories through the end of the month. What the marketplace could do on expiration is start a paid subscription depending on your configuration, just a heads up.