Analysis of public repositories fails with error: `Analysis of private repositories requires Lift Pro`

Observed Behaviour

When analyzing certain public repositories, I noticed that several public repositories were failing with the error:

Analysis of private repositories requires Lift Pro. Please upgrade to Lift Pro and try again.

In the developer console the following error is printed:

Response { type: "basic", url: "", redirected: false, status: 404, ok: false, statusText: "Analysis Failure for Job (No Results)", headers: Headers, body: ReadableStream, bodyUsed: false }
body: ReadableStream { locked: false }
bodyUsed: false
headers: Headers {  }
ok: false
redirected: false
status: 404
statusText: "Analysis Failure for Job (No Results)"
type: "basic"
url: ""
<prototype>: ResponsePrototype { clone: clone(), arrayBuffer: arrayBuffer(), blob: blob(), … }

Expected Behaviour

This is presumably a default error message which is getting mis-attributed to an unrelated error.

Ideally there are specific error codes to disambiguate various client and server errors.

Thanks for the report, Richard. I’m a product manager for Lift and wanted to let you know that we’re looking into this right now.

This should be fixed now. If that’s not the case for you, please let me know and I’ll a second look. Thanks again for reporting the issue!

Hey @smagill, I forgot to respond to this — I’ll let you know if I encounter this issue again.