Announcing Nexus Repository Manager 3.18.0

Repository Manager 3.18.0

Sonatype is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Nexus Repository 3.18.0.

Tree browsing is now substantially faster for enterprise-sized repositories. Please review your security settings if you are partitioning repositories for read access, as NXRM 3 now behaves more like NXRM 2 in the display of parent folders. For details on how the privileges need to be setup, see Content Selector Permissions.

The resolved issues are shown below.

Browsing Performance

  • [NEXUS-20453] - Changed tree browse permission checking to consider access to the current node, rather than determining whether user has access to an asset under the node.

Database, Upgrade Speed

  • [NEXUS-20100] - Optimized compression level and buffer size defaults of Orient database backups, resulting in faster upgrade speeds.
  • [NEXUS-20104] - Default compression level and buffer size not optimized for OrientDB database backups leading to extended upgrade times.


  • [NEXUS-19954] - Increased the default maximum heap and direct memory sizes for Nexus Repository Manager 3. Users will now receive increased sizing profiles and enhanced performance without having to manually change default configurations with new version upgrades.


  • [NEXUS-20479] - An XSS vulnerability requiring elevated privileges was fixed.