Badge url is not updated after renaming a repository


Hi all,

If I rename a repository on github from a to b the badge is still available for repository a but there is no badge available repository b (even if I push changes to the renamed repository several times).

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After a little bit more investigation it looks like it is not a problem which occurs if one renames a repository. The reason for the problem is that it is a maven multi module build which fails on DepShield side because the modules depend on each other.

Means that issues

needs to be solved to get the repository analyzed again.

@Sonatype: Any ideas about then analyzing maven multi module projects is working?


Hello @ingo.griebsch,

Does the renamed repository get a GitHub Issue with a link to an error log? Does the renamed repository have a badge but the badge indicates that it is stuck in “Processing”? If this is a public repository, could you provide the name of the repository?



Hello @jyoung, thanks for coming back to me! :slight_smile:

The repository I’m talking about: GitHub - ingogriebsch/sample-spring-cloud-contract-simple-rest-cdc: This sample shows you how to use Spring Cloud Contract to produce and consume a CDC for a simple REST API

The repository contains an issue (DepShield encountered errors while building your project · Issue #4 · ingogriebsch/sample-spring-cloud-contract-simple-rest-cdc · GitHub). I (temporarily) removed the badge from my therefore I do not remember exactly if the badge is indicating that it stucks in “processing”.

Looks like the problem occurs because I use a multi module maven project which is not (yet) supported by DepShield?!