Building better component practices with Nexus Repository and IQ Server

At the Nexus User Conference, I presented Build Better Component Practices: Crawl, Walk, Run. Click back to the beginning of the recording to catch it from the start. My portion runs for ~30 minutes with Q&A following. There are some great presentations by my colleagues following that, as well.

The presentation focused on what DevOps organizations are doing today to manage, monitor, and track their open source component usage and why this is so critical to not only surviving but thriving in today’s application economy. I touch on Nexus Repository Manager as an essential aspect of this process, but largely focus on the people, processes, and technology involved when integrating an automated tool such as the Nexus IQ Server into your development processes.

This presentation should be useful for organizations of all sizes to help with:

  • Assessing which stage your company is in
  • Where to begin or how to take the next step in the process
  • What to consider at each step