Can't see Sonatype Lift checks in GitHub

I’ve configured Sonatype Lift for several GH repos, and it worked well until teh past few days, where I don’t see the checks anymore. The repos are GitHub - GoogleCloudDataproc/spark-bigquery-connector: BigQuery data source for Apache Spark: Read data from BigQuery into DataFrames, write DataFrames into BigQuery tables., GitHub - GoogleCloudDataproc/flink-bigquery-connector: BigQuery integration to Apache Flink's Table API. What should I do to get them back?

Hi David,
Lift seems to be still working as shown for example Adding SonarCloud integration by davidrabinowitz · Pull Request #631 · GoogleCloudDataproc/spark-bigquery-connector · GitHub.

We do have a known issue where the status message isn’t shown but things should be working despite that (e.g. normally would show in this list):

In addition to messages in your PR, you should also see the scans and results in Console.

Can you confirm the above is what you mean or be more specific on what you’re not seeing?
Appreciate your patience, especially as it’s hard to describe things that aren’t visible.

Hi @davidrabinowitz ,
We released a fix today which should address the issue I described.
So if you are still seeing issue, it’s probably not what I described and we could use more detail.
Appreciate your report and have a good weekend!

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