Category for OSSI?

I believe that it would be useful to have a new Community category for OSSI (OSS Index).

I already use vulns to report problems with individual vulnerabilities.

However, it would be nice to use the community to discuss other things. Such as… will OSSI ever support vulnerabilities with multiple CWE?

Hi @msymons!

Thank you for this idea - I am checking with our team to confirm where the best place to ask OSSI-related questions will be, whether that be a category here like you suggested or elsewhere.

I will also report back with an answer to your question… stay tuned!

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I’ve added a category for OSS Index and moved this topic there. Thank you! Still working on getting an answer to your question as well.

EDIT: In answer to your question, at this time, support for vulnerabilities with multiple CWEs is not planned but I will certainly post here if this changes.