Depsheild doesn't creat any issue

We are using Sonatype Depshield Github app in our class. For the same project individually forked by every student, depshield creates issues for some of them while not for others. Is there anything we can do to resolve this? or wait a certain period?

Hi Nasif,

We had to do some required maintenance on DepShield starting around 4pm Pacific Time and lasting for 30 minutes. Sorry that this overlapped with your class! Everything is back to normal and all data is processed. Please let us know if there are any outstanding issues for you.

Thanks for using DepShield!

Hi Cpeters,

Thanks for your reply. I am reconfiguring my project to see if Depshield creates any issues.

In any case, can you tell me how long one should wait at max to get the issues? Normally it takes variable amount of time and it’s hard to tell if Depshield is still processing or Depshield is not working. Is there any place where I can check if my project was scanned successfully and how many issues were found ?


If a scan is completed successfully, you should find a DepShield badge on your repository. If there are issues found, ticket(s) will be created. The only time you would have a log to review would be if the build failed. If the build failed, we create an issue with a link to review the build log.

Hope this helps,