Emailing user password changes


First of all, I really enjoy Nexus. Fine product!

One feature I can’t seem to find is the automatic emailing of password updates to users. In the case of adding multiple users at once, I have to generate a random password and then email the user the new password and remind them to update their password (so I don’t know it). It would be great if Nexus had a feature to generate a (hidden) password for a user and email it to them. Is this available in a plugin or maybe a future release?

Yes, LDAP would be able solve this, but that’s not an option for me at this time.



The built in user management in Nexus Repo is pretty basic, our stance over the years has always been that if you need advanced features you should integrate with an external authentication service (e.g. LDAP) that provides those. Sorry to hear that using LDAP isn’t an option for you right now.

Exposing the User interface via the REST API would be helpful for this. We’re in the same boat in that we like using the local user manager on Nexus, but I’d prefer to automate the creation of users and sending of emails for easier onboarding.

Is there plans to add this to the REST API?