Error with starting server after upgrading 3.29.2-02 to 3.30.0-01

When upgrading to the latest version of Nexus, 3.30.0-01 I received this error when trying to start up the server. please ignore the “root user” warning as I was only running it manually for testing as it wasn’t logging anything. The Zip file was pulled from “” our current build that we have running smoothly is “3.29.2-02”

There is a lack of logs in the nexus.log the JVM.log pretty much complains of the same thing.

[ec2-user@ip-10-8-6-29 bin]$ sudo ./nexus run
WARNING: ************************************************************
WARNING: Detected execution as “root” user. This is NOT recommended!
WARNING: ************************************************************
Error installing bundle listed in with url: reference:file:org/ops4j/pax/url/pax-url-wrap/2.6.2/pax-url-wrap-2.6.2-uber.jar and startlevel: 10

link to script we use for updating here

Your nexus user probably doesn’t have write permissions to the logs.

looks more like nexus isn’t starting up enough to start logging. As part of my upgrade script, I confirm permissions on all the nexus folders after copying in the new files from the downloaded package.

I added our install script as a link in the original post so you can see the process we use.

trying to reproduce the issue on a restored version of the instance and I get different errors.
I am still getting nothing to the nexus.log only outputs to the JVM.log.

I shall keep digging deeper to see if I can’t work out what’s going on.