Export npm tgz files from 3.0 nxrm server and import to 3.18 nxrm server

I have a nxrm 3.0.1 server that has docker images and npm artifacts in the same blob store which occupy TBs of space.

I’d like to export only the npm artifacts (this might be 2 GB) to a separate nxrm 3.18 server.

Is there a way to just download all the npm ‘.tgz’ files through an api call from the old 3.0.1 server and then upload to the new 3.18 server? Is there some type of migration script that could be leveraged?

I suspect you’re looking for https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/NEXUS-11468 which has yet to be implemented.
I am not saying there’s not a way, however, more informing there’s no built in strategy from Sonatype.
Also 3.0.1 is super old, it has no REST API at all. I imagine solutions will be scripting or REST and you’ll need to upgrade.