How can I initialize Nexus repo?

Hello, I am jihoon.
I developing cloud infra with nexus oss (3.16.1-02).

Actually, When I deploy new nexus on the other environment, it is difficult to me.

I use 2 type registry.
First is ContainerIamgeRegistry (docker registry)
Second is PackagerRepository (deb, tar, etc.)

If I’d like to deploy new Nexus with initial setting, How can I do it?
requirement is

  1. Docker registry is must be installed.
  2. Package repo is must be installed and some packages are inserted in.

Also, it can be mannually, But I’d better to do it by automatically…

Any guide or API? If there is API, I’d like to make scripts for initialize.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you’re looking for the scripting API:

That can be used for provisioning. When writing scripts, be sure to set up an IDE environment. That will let you use code completion, and also let you browse directly from your code into ours. It makes things a lot easier.


There are also some rest apis you can use, but the coverage for provisioning is pretty low at the moment. Check out Admin > System > Api to see what is available in your version of nexus repository manager.