How can I see deepshield log for my github project if such?

Hello, how can I see the error log?

I have a maven project and have activated deepshield for all the repositories, however no issue for deepshield has been created.

Is there a way to verify if the process ran without errors?, perhaps something like:


Hey @scherzo_16,

Thanks for using DepShield. If you do not receive an Issue indicating that DepShield encountered errors trying to build your project, then everything should be working. An example of this issue would look like this:

Note, I found this issue using this query:


O then to summarize, if you have no issue everything is ok and you should be able to add the badge to your repository that should detect the components.

Correct. If the badge is generated (and doesn’t say something like processing) then you should be protected. If this isn’t the case, please let us know.