How do I disable lift from a repo?

Hi, thank you for your great product. It’s been really helpful for me. I really appreciate your awesome project.

I’ve been telling my colleagues how helpful this is and one of my colleague installed it on his repo. He tried it out, and thought he might want to use it later, thinking that at the current stage of his repo he cannot benefit a lot with it. (he’s currently prioritizing speed with quality sacrificed.)

So he tried to find a way to turn it off for his repo but he failed to find one and so did I. How do I turn it off for one repo? I’m using it well and I don’t want to disable it for org.

Thank you again for your great product.

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Hi @cjeon

Its great to see you are getting some valuable information from our tool. At the moment the repository selection is a limitation of github. Currently, the only options are to enable it on all your repositories or to individually enable it on a per per repository basis.

See screen capture below:

You can get to this section by going to your github settings → Applications → Sonatype-Lift (Configure)

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