How set data disk space size?

Nexus v3.x running as a Docker container.

I setup a Ubuntu VM with 1TB disk space. However, the container seems to only use 180G, and has run out of space. Hence I can’t even log in. How can I set the amount of disk space the container uses?

I initially created the volume.

$ docker volume create --name nexus-data

I do this to start the container

$ docker run -d -p 8081:8081 --memory 16g --name nexus -v nexus-data:/nexus-data sonatype/nexus3

I essentially followed the steps at the bottom of Sonatype Nexus3 Docker: sonatype/nexus3

Are you out of inodes rather than space, perhaps? df -i will tell you how many you’re using.

Thanks @ralph.bolton, I’ll try that too. Although df -h shows it only used 180G/1T, and it’s showing 100%. I can’t even log into the Nexus app.