How to add a second email for Sonatype Lift report emails

Hello there,

When I am publishing a new artifact version to Sonatype OSSRH / Nexus repository (with the target of finally publishing it to Maven Central repo), after the pre-release I get the Sonatype Lift report, which is great. I get this report at the email address on which I configured my Sonatype OSSRH account. Now, can I somehow add another email to which this report can be sent? I have another colleague that is interested into getting the same report.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Bogdon,

Thanks for your question. I assume you are talking about the CherryBOM Lift report on vulnerabilities. You should be able to add new email addresses by creating a Jira ticket with Central under publishing support. Please specify your publishing group ID in the ticket. I have informed the team to watch out for a ticket from you.

PM for Sonatype Lift


Thank you so much! I created an issue on JIRA and I will follow my request there.
I think this issue can be closed.