How to get attributes of an asset via API


I’d like to get some informations about nuget packages in my repo (tags, description, summary, etc…). Is there a way to get this (By asset or globaly for a repo)?

The folowing API call with curl does’nt returns the expected attributes :

 curl -k -X GET 'https://nexus3-server:8443/service/rest/v1/components?repository=my_repo'

However, attributes are visible from web interface, and nuget client is able to retrieve this information for a given package…

As it’s a nugget repository, I tried to query embedded nuget API It works but response format is XML, but I need JSON…

 curl -k -X GET 'https://nexus3-server:8443/repository/myNugetRepo/Packages()'

Thanks a lot for your help !