HTTP compression


is there a way to enable HTTP compression? It would be neat at least for some mime types.

I haven’t found anything about it in documentation. The only mention I’ve found is this 11y.o. issue on Jira: [Nexus-2900] Disable gzip compression by default

If this is not possible at the moment, can I post a feature request?

Oh wow, that is an old bug… I don’t remember specifics of it, but I can tell you that the workaround in that issue is specific to Nexus Repo 2, it won’t work for Nexus Repo 3.

One thing to consider though… most of the content retrieved through Nexus Repo is already gzipped (e.g. jar files, nuget packages, docker layers, npm packages, etc.). So the need isn’t as great as you might think. Still, for metadata it can make sense, and in fact we recently filed an improvement suggesting it be added for conda metadata:

So it might be worth opening a more general issue in the ‘dev - nexus’ project at for this, there are other formats that can have large metadata files that are not compressed (e.g. npm) where it would also make sense.