Java build out of memory

We are scanning our largest repo GitHub - odpi/egeria: Egeria core

I’ve noticed incomplete build results, and on checking the log see that the build does not complete with:

Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

In our lift.toml we currently only have:

 jdkVersion = "17"
 build = "./gradlew -x test -x javadoc  build"

In our

I’ve not seen issues elsewhere.

What are the memory limits for the sonatype scan?

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Hi Nigel,
Sorry to hear that it’s not working. The build environment has enough memory to support your build settings. We believe this is a bug in one of the Gradle APIs we use to get the dependencies. We’re looking into some solutions that will allow us to workaround this current issue. I’ll post an update when I have better information from the team.

  • Matt
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Thanks for the quick update