License Obligation Review Tool (LORT)


A single page application that allows viewing of all Sonatype Licenses. The basic features are:

  • Displays every license and the full license text
  • Displays each obligation for a license
  • Search the license set for specific keywords. Ex Which licenses have a “nuclear” exclusion.
  • Sort by LTG, License Name, and Reviewed
  • Connect to your IQ server to filter on a specific application’s licenses
  • Generates a license attribution report for an IQ scanned application
  • Crowd sourcing features (Requires working with your Customer Success Rep)
    • Edit obligations
    • Add a new license

Basic Usage

The application takes a few seconds to load. Once you accept the license agreement, you can then click on any license to see the obligations and click on any obligation to see the obligation in the license text.

The “gear” icon on the top right allows some additional functionality:

  • Import License From Scan - Allows you to enter your IQ credentials, application details, and host information to retrieve the Bill of Materials and filter the licenses by the components in use.
    :thinking: :thinking: You must start your browser in insecure mode to allow a cross origin request from LORT to your IQ server

open -n -a /Applications/Google\ --args --user-data-dir="/tmp/chrome_dev_test" --disable-web-security

  • Create License Attribution Report - Using the existing filtered set of licenses generate a license attribution report.


The LORT data is updated every few days. To see the version you can click on the gear icon and “print discrepancies”. The data version will be in the first row of the CSV file.

This is web application that can be accessed at

Note If you do not have access to LORT, contact your Customer Success Representative to be added to the LORT access group.


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Can someone guide me, on what values should be given to the parameters Application Id and Report Id “Import Licenses from Scan”?