Lift builds appear not to be working

On my GitHub project, builds of PR branches never seem to get started. The console shows “Error Getting Status”, and the “Build Logs” tab never shows anything beyond the chase dots and “Analysis in progress, please wait”.
On the corresponding pull requests, the analysis appears to just time out and report that “All checks have passed” even though it appears that no checks were actually performed.

Could you link to the lift console and show us a job that is failed in this way?

The build did eventually complete, but it took a very long time.

This project may be confusing, because it includes both Gradle and Maven project files, and each of these is configured to emit two different “flavors” of library artifacts - Selenium 2 (Java 7) and Selenium 3 (Java 8).

For publishing releases, I use the Gradle project, so this is what Lift should use for analysis. The Selenium 3 configuration is active by default. Is there some way to configure Lift so that it’s able to generate and analyze both “flavors”?

The “Tool Results” tab shows that none of the applicable tools ran successfully.