Lift on GitHub makes private builds fail

I had to resort to uninstalling Lift on GitHub, as it made all my private builds fail, complaining that the Pro version is required. Unfortunately, GitHub has no easy way to to setup the application only for public repositories: it can either be “all repositories” or “with the following allow-list”. I don’t want to maintain an allow-list, so I’m wondering: is there any way to configure Lift not to try to run on private repos?

@danysk Thanks for raising this, we’re discussing internally the best way to solve this. I will get back to you ASAP

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@danysk We’re pulling a ticket into the next sprint to address this by warning but not failing for private repositories. Expect the lead time to be 4-5 weeks.


Glorious, thanks. Let me know when it’s rolled in, I’d gladly test it

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@danysk This should be fixed now. Keep us updated if you have any further issues.

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