.lift.toml config being ignore

Hello, I recently added a folder to my github repo to host my Javadocs alongside my library, and since then, the lift analysis finds a lot of javascript related issues with jquery in that folder. Since I don’t care about this folder, I created a .lift.toml file in the root of my repo with the following content:

# Sonatype Lift Configuration

# gitignore formatted string of files to ignore.
ignoreFiles = """

This was done following the documentation here Configuration Reference. However, I have since then run a couple of scans, and the docs folder, which is the main folder I want ignored, is not ignored.

My question is, is there something I am doing wrong? I know there is an alternative approach .lift/ignoreFiles dedicated for this, but I would prefer to have the main one I am trying to get working.

You are not doing anything wrong that I can see. I have tried to reproduce the issue. First we have a simple bug with shellcheck (https://github.com/TomMD/test/pull/3). Notice the bug is in the docs/ directory. Next we add a copy and paste of your .lift.toml file (https://github.com/TomMD/test/pull/4). In the second case I do not get the error messages posted.

Could you share a repository or even just a JobID? The job ID is the alpha numeric part of the URL in lift.sonatype.com results linked from github’s status bar.

Sure, the last JobID was 01FF920NAE39K3HH5XYM8H9Y3S and the repo with my .lift.toml file is https://github.com/StevenJDH/simple-ssl

Excellent, thanks. There seems to be some neglect around ignoring nested paths. For now you can ignore foo/** instead of foo but I am filing a ticket to get this handled properly. Thank you for continuing to raise the issues you experience, I really appreciate it.

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Perfect, this solution works for me, thank you again for the help.