Maven Nexus V3 remote repository integration with Artifactory


I am setting up Nexus3 repository as a remote repository in Artifactory. But when I update the Nexus3 repo URL(https://domainname/repository/reponame/) & necessary credentials for authentication in the admin section, during testing i am getting,

Connection failed: Error 404.

I have tried providing the rest URL(http://domainname/service/rest/repository/browse/reponame). In this case, connection to the nexus server establishes successfully & able to see the directory structure for the remote repo in the Artifacts section , but could not find the artifacts inside & seeing below output/error,

{ “errors” : [ { “status” : 404, “message” : “Couldn’t find item: XXXX:XXXXXXX” } ]

I have tested the same with nexusV2(domainname/nexus/content/repositories/reponame), I was able to successfully authenticate to the nexusV2 server & was able to pull artifacts from Artifactory, i have issue only when i test with NexusV3 (3.16.2-01, 3.3.x)


It sounds like Artifactory has some specific handling for the HTML directory listing of Nexus Repo 2.x. The way Nexus Repo 3.x works is different, so that won’t work.

But the fact that you can’t browse the remote directory listing does not mean the proxy isn’t working. Use the regular repository URL as the remote (https://domainname/repository/reponame/) and try running a build that requests artifacts from the remote repo.


Hi, seems like issue is resolved after saving the settings with https://domainname/repository/reponame/ URL , even though testing the URL before saving it gave me Connection failed: Error 404.
After running maven build, Artifactory was able to fetch the artifacts from Nexus Remote Repo