NEXUS 2 OSS SSL Cert for remote internet proxies over HTTPS

Hello Nexus Community,

Just looking for some quick clarification.
I am setting up NEXUS 2 OSS to proxy to remote internet artifact servers.
I found this article from SONATYPE:
That article only discusses installing CERTS at the JAVA LEVEL (trust / key tool).

Question: beyond the above article, is it ALSO necessary to install the CERTS at the Operating System level too? Or JUST at the JAVA level? Sorry for the newbie question on this. Just a little confused.

John Dove

Hi John,
I believe that article assumes everything is working on your OS. Because there are so many permutations of security, Sonatype cannot speak to that and just speaks what’s needed for our product. So, that should be all that’s needed from NXRM (2 or 3) in a completely open environment. If there’s more, it wouldn’t be documented there.
I know that may be vague but hopefully helps.

Hi Tom,
Sorry for the delay in my response (holidays for me, end-of-year, etc.). Thanks for the reply. Understood; anything beyond the article would be security-configuration on my side.
Got a good team on my side, so we will continue with our efforts…
~ John Dove