Nexus Repository Manager 3.16.0 release announcement

Hello NXRM Users!

We’re proud to announce the release of NXRM 3.16.0! Here are some of the improvements we think you’ll enjoy:

  • REST Search Improvements: For our DevOps, CD, and Deployment teams-- we’ve enhanced our capabilities for downloading the latest version of components. REST search now supports sorting results, as well as filtering prerelease components, allowing the search-and-download endpoint to return the latest version of an asset. Learn More Here

  • Update packaged JRE in installers to OpenJDK: To accommodate for Oracle’s license requirement for Java JRE, Mac and Windows installers now include the Zulu OpenJDK 8 JRE. Learn More Here

  • Improve stability of using HA-C with Nexus Firewall: For our HA-C users with NXRM and Nexus Firewall installed, we’ve made a number of changes to reduce the frequency of concurrent modification exceptions. When they do occur, we’ve also made improvements to more robustly handle them.

  • Bower Resolver Updated: In addition to 3.16.0, we have also updated the bower resolver dependencies to the latest and most secure versions. We strongly recommend any users using bower update their bower resolver to the latest.

As always, see our full release notes here. Let us know how you like 3.16.0!


Sonatype’s NXRM Team