Nexus Repository manager 3.17.0 Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the availability of Nexus Repository Manager 3.17.0. This release includes:

Apt Format Support

As part of our widespread format support we’ve incorporated one of our most popular community formats into the core product.

Go Format Support

Supporting the burgeoning Go community we’ve added native support for go repositories.

Routing Rules for proxy repositories

Do you want to optimize the performance of your groups? Would you like to prevent malicious components with spoofed coordinates from sneaking into your organization? Repository routing lets you control how NXRM finds components from inside and outside sources using simple, flexible rules.

New REST endpoints for users and user tokens in beta.

For NXRM administrators looking to automate security or on-boarding of teams to NXRM, we have new beta REST endpoints for user accounts and user tokens.

Setup Wizard

New Nexus Repository Manager installs now have enhanced default security settings. When you first sign in, the new onboarding wizard asks if you want to run in anonymous mode, or whether developers should sign in to get components. We’re also doing away with the default admin credentials in favor of a one-time admin password.

See the release notes for more details about what is included in the release.

Sonatype’s NXRM Team

APT: Awesome. Please provide config examples that are not Maven. RPM/YUM is not documented, hopefully APT gets more love.

@chickenandporn are you looking for something more than Yum Repositories?

The equivalent documentation for APT can be found here: Apt Repositories