Nexus Startup warning -sonatype/nexus/bin/nexus: 331: cd: can't cd to ../jre/bin

Hello All,

We are using Nexus3 - 3.23.0-03

while starting up our Nexus container it gives us below warning

“Removing .lock file
removed ‘/nexus-data/lock’
/sonatype/nexus/bin/nexus: 331: cd: can’t cd to …/jre/bin
2020-11-30 11:57:25,441+0100 INFO [FelixStartLevel] *SYSTEM - start
Nexus not started yet.”

but later nexus gets up & functional , we would like to know if its a bug/error/having less impact or its issue with Nexus startup scripts so that we can ignore this or consider this to be resolved,

Please suggest or advise. Thanks!