NXRM health check panel advertises "Get Nexus Firewall", even though we have it

Hey there!

Just wanted to share an observed behavior of ours. We’re not sure whether its expected, or an indicator that something isn’t working quite right.

We currently have Pro+Lifecycle+Firewall licenses. In NXRM3, when you hover over the “Health Check” for a repository, a panel appears with a summary of data. To the right of the summary, there appears to be an “Internal Advertisement” to get Nexus Firewall. We have firewall, and everything seems to be working, but since this advertisement appears, we aren’t sure if this is (a) odd placement or advertisement, or (b) a deeper indicator of something else being wrong.

Appreciate your input!

Hey Jared and welcome! :slight_smile:

I can definitely see how that is confusing. I will pass this along to our team to investigate.

Good news is that it should not be impacting how Firewall works for you but if you do run into any trouble in the meantime, you can contact our Support team at support@sonatype.com.