Odd behaviour after initial registration

Observed Behaviour

After initially registering for Lift, I encountered some unexpected behaviour which I am no longer able to reproduce.

My guess is that it’s a state-related issue, where the UI lacks information about my repositories and branches, leading to unexpected behaviour.

Approximate Reproducer:

  1. Click on repository from the main page
  2. Get taken to the specific repository view:
  3. Notice a few odd behaviours:
    1. The repository link at the top (Repositories / rgmz / ...) was not clickable and was black
    2. The “Analyze” button was blue, and hovering my mouse over the “Select Branch” dropdown automatically triggered a scan
    3. The scan fails with the error described in this post

Thanks for filing this @rgomez . I was able to reproduce this, I’ve filed it in our internal bug tracking system and we’ll get back to you when it is fixed.

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