Plugin development: Combobox with Staging Profiles

I am trying to create a plugin for NX2 Professional version, that would automatically release staging repositories, that were promoted (after a period of time). I am trying to create a combobox in the task configuration, that would allow choosing a promotion/staging profile.

Unfortunately the added combobox (nexus-release-staging-repositories/ at master · dhladky/nexus-release-staging-repositories · GitHub) prevents opening “Add Task” dialog in the Web UI.

If I remove the StagingProfileComboFormField form field from the configuration, or I change the implementation of getType() method of this class to “repo”, I can configure the task (but I do not have the combobox field or I have it populated by repositories (instead of profiles)).

My guess is I need to populate the “stgprofile” type somehow, but I can not find out how to do it.

Could anyone, point me to the right direction? Thank you for your help,

David Hladky