Proxy cache

Hi all!

I did a search and did not find anything related, so forgive me if it has already being asked.

I read this page: Understanding Caching Configuration – Sonatype Support, but I’m still not 100% sure so here is my question.

We have a proxy pointing to two external artifactories one for production and the other for development/testing, and we use the proxy to access the artifactory.

the production artifactory has containers with latest tags, the development/testing does not.

the developent/testing images get deleted every 24hr.

My problem is: someones create a Kubernetes namespace during the afternoon, and those namespaces go down during the night and back up in the morning, but sometimes when the pods show that the image does not exist anymore, so it is not cached on the proxy.

is there a way to keep the images cached on the proxy even though they got already deleted on the external artifactory, and still have the latest images updated.

for testing purposes I’ve set:
Maximum component age to 1440
Maximum metadata age to 2880