Repositories not displayed or accesible

after a successful upgrade of Nexus 3.22.1-02 I cannot see any of the existing repositories or any option at all when loging in. I login with admin user and the config menu doesn’t appear nor the repositories. Also, I can go into the user details and see them, but I cannot actually change the password (the button is disabled with a lock icon - maybe this is normal admin user behaviour).
I have ried other browsers, or private browsing with Chrome.

everything seems to be rightly setup:

  • data folder belong to nexus:nexus
  • installation folder belong to nexus:nexus
  • Nexus is atrted with user nexus
  • I have checked in the OrientDB and the users are there - active and with the right [nx-admin] role

Any idea what could be causing this?

One last thing, when I upgraded I just copied the new intallation folder but kept the original data (onatype-work) folder. Is that right?

Thanks in advance.