Restart Nexus in UI


Is there any way to restart Nexus through the UI? I can’t seem to find one…



I believe there isn’t (not one I recall hearing of in 4+ years).

@ryan.bannon What are you trying to do? (Is it that you don’t have access to the shell?)

You might be able to get your needs met with the new Lifecycle API, which lets you ‘bounce’ NXRM down to various earlier stages in its boot lifecycle, and back again.

I have access to the shell, but restarting through UI would be a nice feature.

And you could run this through the UI using swagger, the interface is available under the API item via the System sub menu of the Administration menu.

I will note that bouncing the server via the API does not restart the JVM. So if there were some previous problem that caused an error to be thrown (such as out of memory) it could be the case that the JVM would still be in an invalid state.