Retrieving Nexus CLI tools from a repository

So, over at How can I use Gradle for Sonatype Nexus IQ Analysis - Help/Discuss - Gradle Forums there’s an example of how to use Nexus IQ from a Gradle build. That’s great, but is there a repository somewhere that contains the IQ libraries so they could be fetched as traditional dependencies, rather than having to store them locally.

Given some of the products that Sonatype offer, I’d expect IQ CLI tools to be in a Nexus repository somewhere!



Hi Greg,
I think retrieving the CLI as a normal dependency is a great idea!

Given that the IQ CLI is a commercial product, we do not publish it to Central. We do store it in our internal Nexus Repository for our own use.

Storing the CLI Jar in your own Nexus Repository instance is likely the easiest solution here. The common pattern is to have a "3rd-party’ hosted repository along side your “Releases” and “Snapshots” and proxy repositories.

Hmm, not sure what’s stopping it from being published - it’s a freely available download from Download and Compatibility and plenty of other organisations publish their freely available but commercial artefacts to a Maven repo (e.g. Maven Repository: com.install4j » install4j-runtime » 7.0.8).

But if you want everyone to download it and install it manually, I guess that’s the way we have to do.