Running nexus behind nginx for 3.16


I have created a Docker image with some mofification from the official nexus image of 3.16 image and using this image to run in my k8s cluster.

When i expose this application as a load balancer iam able to load the application properly, but if i try to run nexus behind nginx iam getting the below error.

Could you please let me know what am i missing?

Hi, this is something I have done in docker-compose for a while now and have just started on in K8s (using Helm). First let me get some clarity…

…when you say ‘load balancer’, I assume you mean via your ‘service’ definition, correct?

…then when you switch to ClustrIP and add an Ingress definition you see the above error?

Regardless, when I look at the error there is the obvious it expects a stylesheet but thinks it got a URL. Is this in the UI, our logs…?

Have you set a baseURL un the config.ymlk? Does it align to the DNS you’ve set up for ingress?