S3/Ceph blob storage performance problems

I’ve recently started testing Nexus3 (3.14) with the S3 storage option, but I’m using a local Ceph cluster. Nexus3 seems to support this well with the endpoint url option.

I’ve had some performance issues however; using the AWS CLI to upload directly to my Ceph bucket a 100mb file takes 3 seconds, while uploading to to a Ceph backed Nexus3 repository (using curl) takes about 60 seconds.

Anyone have insight into what could be causing this? I’ve found it to be quite fast when using a filesystem store. I’ve found nothing in the log files so far indicating a problem.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Maybe a side-topic, how does one get a thread dump? The documentation here Nexus Thread Dump and Heap Dump Guide – Sonatype Support seems to be out of date as the http://localhost:8081/nexus/internal/threads url returns a 404

I suggest opening an issue at https://issues.sonatype.org in the “dev - nexus” project for this one, it doesn’t seem like something that can be diagnosed via the community forums.

As for thread dumps, you can issue "kill -3 " for the process ID running Nexus, the thread dump will be in the jvm.log file.

Or you can use the metrics URL to get one:


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