Sonatype-lift bot stuck

Hello, currently my team and I are working on a opensource prject on github and we are using the sonatype-lift bot to analyze the scripts in it. Our problem came one day that the sonatype-lift bot got stuck analyzing a PR and now all our PRs are pending waiting for the bot to analyze it.

Has someone encountered this problem before or has any idea on how can it be solved?

I attach a screenshot of a github PR, and the link to our repo is: Pull requests · devonfw/hangar · GitHub

Thanks in advance :wink:

Hi @joan.bellver-fernandez ,
Can you send the link from the related report from
There is no link in your PR (which I haven’t seen before) but I suspect the report would have more information about why it isn’t working.
This is not a known issue to me anyway, sorry for your troubles.

Hi @jtom, we are not able to access the reports of the sonatype-lift bot of the PRs that have the status waiting in the lift check.

UPDATE: We have checked all the reviews of the sonatype-lift report and we see that the bot is executing correctly the analysis but the problem is that the response is not going back to github and the check is left on waiting for status.

The problem might come from the integration of sonatype-lift with github.

@joan.bellver-fernandez Thanks, I suspected it might be something like this, that is why I asked for a specific report link so we could have the information to check in the database.