Sonatype Lift failed without providing a reason


We are trying Sonatype lift to improve our code quality and our developers liked it.

but recently, the build for a master branch PR just failed with ANALYSIS FAILED , i cannot find a clue about the reason.

the build is here Sonatype Lift -- Console and according to our developer, it has been working correctly a few days ago, while at the same time, PR for other branches are working correctly.

can you provide me some details about why it failed?

Thanks a lot

Thanks for reaching out @sunzhewyq. Some how this message fell through the cracks so please accept my apologies for taking so long to respond.

It looks like you’ve now had a successful analysis? Do you still need some help?

Out of curiosity how did you get past this failure?

Hi @jstephens , thanks for asking. yes, i believe the analysis is working now.
to be honest, we don’t really know what happened to make it work, also asked our developers, they didn’t do any changes.

Thanks again.