Sonatype Lift JavaScript analysis for Selenium JS code snippets

I have a Java Selenium library project that includes JavaScript snippets for use with the executeScript method of the JavascriptExecutor interface. These snippets are stored in files with the js extension so that my IDE will apply syntax highlighting when I open them.
The JavaScript code in these files is intentionally incomplete because Selenium automatically wraps them in an anonymous closure for execution. When Lift analyzes these files, it reports a JSC_PARSE_ERROR:

Parse error. return must be inside function

Is there some way I can provide Lift with a hint that will enable it to handle the content of these files as it gets processed by the Selenium API?

@scoba Are you able to make use of the ignoreFiles configuration? see: Configuration Reference

I could do that, but then I lose the benefit of static code analysis. Perhaps I should revise these files so they implement complete functions, extracting the function bodies when I use them at runtime.