Sonatype OSS 3.37: Backup does not include manually created tasks


we are performing a backup according to the documentation: Configure and Run the Backup Task

However, when we restore from the backup, the manually created tasks are not restored. As per official documentation:

  • Component - All related data that make up components within the repository manager
  • Configuration - General administrative configurations such as scheduled tasks and email server configuration
  • Security - All user and access rights management content

Does this mean manual tasks are not restored?

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Hello community,

can somebody clarify this issue?

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Hey there, @technology-operations . I’ve just verified this works as expected on 3.53.0, manual tasks that I created are in fact restored. My steps were:

  1. Create a manual backup task
  2. Run the backup task
  3. Stop Repository
  4. Copy the backup files into the restore directory
  5. Rename my sonatype-work/db directory out of the way
  6. Start Repository to trigger its restore from backup
  7. Validate that the manual task appears in the UI

It might make sense to upgrade and revalidate in case you’re being impacted by an older, resolved bug.

Hello @mprescott,

thanks for the detailed explanation.

I followed every step of your explanation, but I only see the scheduled tasks.

I’m running Version 3.37 of Nexus, so this might be a issue with an older version.

Out of curiosity: Can you make a backup in an older version of Nexus, and then restore the backup in a newer Nexus version?

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We create the backup task via the UI, task name is “Admin - Export Databases for Export”.
I followed every step of it, but only the scheduled