Support for Automatic Pull Requests of Internal Repos with GitLab

We have a large organization, and use GitLab Internal Repos so that we don’t have to provide fine-grained access for our developers to be able to read the code of the counterparts or coordinating services or systems. If they can login, they can see it. This makes it much easier and smoother to share code, while still having protections in place that require commit responsibilities to change the source code (ie - Owner, Maintainer, Developer roles). And we then round that out with using Groups to provide roles and responsibilities. This gives us all the control and protections we need, while being transparent across the organization. Private repos provide the fine-grained access control, but not the transparency that we’re looking for, so we don’t widely use those types of repos.

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Thank you so much for your feedback. We originally designed Automatic Pull Request feature to work with GitLab’s private repos only. We will look into your request and provide updates here as we have more information. Thanks again!