Unknown Server error in "Technical Debt" and "BOM Dr" tabs



GET 	https://lift.sonatype.com/api/web-console/v1/results/github.com/rgmz/C3/01GPPRC1TP8Y2P5JZ7T7S12YMV/refactor-first
Status Code: 404

{"message":"Refactor first result not found for github.com/rgmz/C3/01GPPRC1TP8Y2P5JZ7T7S12YMV"}


GET 	https://lift.sonatype.com/api/web-console/v1/results/github.com/rgmz/C3/01GPPRC1TP8Y2P5JZ7T7S12YMV/bom-dr
Status Code: 500

{"message":"Internal server error"}

Hi Richard,
The technical debt tab shows results for maven or gradle projects only. It looks like we have a regression that isn’t showing this gracefully, and is instead showing a generic error.

I don’t see an obvious reason for “BOM Dr” to have failed so I’ll bring this up with the team to see if there is a known issue.

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