Webhook and repository automation question

I’m trying to migrate from a bespoke “it’s a bunch of random scripts” to an organized solution around nexus 3.

We run a custom generated download site, and that will need to continue, in some form. As components and assets are generated by our community, we need to rebuild our static html site to reflect those new assets and components.

Assets would be, trivially, hosted in nexus repo (v3.20 currently under test). It’s working well, it looks like we can handle the ~500 downloads/second we’ll need from it, so that’s great.

So, I’m trying to figure out a solution to automate rebuilding our static html site every time a new component appears. Sadly, components are composed of an unknown number of assets (typically around 8 or so). I was looking at using the webhook mechanism to call adnanh/webhook to trigger a docker container to run and rebuild the site (I would have loved having a script directly do it, but there seems to be no script mechanism for this?).
I would like to know when the component UPDATE webhook event is fired? Is it guaranteed at the end of all the assets being uploaded for that component? Is this done by repeatedly deferring the event? Or is it fired randomly during the update cycle? Does it even fire for new assets being uploaded to the component or not?
Perhaps I need to watch the asset stream for maven-metadata.xml being uploaded instead?

Do you have any other suggestions for how to use nexus to trigger an activity once a component is “complete”?

Note: I have already committed untold sins - to create a repository merging standard java maven artifacts with custom json metadata, i have created a “raw” read only proxy repository on top of the real maven repository, then grouped that raw proxy with a real static hosted raw repository. It does seem to work, however, and keeps our specialist crud separate from the actual repository.