Nexus version upgrade in a Kubernetes Cluster


I am running a Nexus pod which has been integrated with LDAP in a Kubernetes Cluster and it has a PVC attached to it. I have some artifacts stored in the repository. The current version i am using is 3.15 and i want to upgrade it to 3.22 version. I have created a new image with 3.22 as base and integrated the same with LDAP and want to use the new image and upgrade the same in my cluster.

The problem that iam facing is the new nexus version has the option to change the admin password at the initial load. I found a way to avoid it where in i can pass the parameter in file. Since this path in /nexus-data and it has been mounted into the pvc we are unable to avoid this pop up.

Could you please let me know if there is any way to have an upgrade done for Nexus in a kubernetes cluster which has a PVC without affecting the existing artifacts.

Hi @amruthapbhat
Thank you for the question!

You can also disable the random password via environment variable. If I understand your scenario correctly, you would set the environment variable when you start your 3.22 container.

When doing the upgrade remember that Nexus 3.15 - 3.22 do not support rolling upgrades or cross version clustering. You must completely stop your 3.15 instance so that no other running instances are accessing your /nexus-data when you start your 3.22 instance.

More information on the default random password can be found on this post Is that possible to install a nexus chart with a given initial password?